IPL pulse shape: physics vs. marketing

There is a some of discussion on the interneet forums about IPL  pulsing formats and websites with some manufacturers claiming that their IPL device delivers a square pulse that provides constant energy to tissue during the exposure, and is clinically better. This claim is not quite accurate, somewhat misleading. and an example of marketing leading the physics. 

The square pulse as advertised for these devices provides a constant power level, and constant irradiance at the tissue, not constant energy. The energy or fluence delivered is accumulated over time period of the pulse, and is the integral of this… Continue reading

Anatomy of an IPL hand piece

This video gives a simplified view of the components common to almost all IPL handpieces, and demonstrates their primary functions. Flashlamps are typically standard components that can be supplied from several vendors, though their performance and lifetime are highly influenced by how the lamps are energized. All IPLs have a reflector to concentrate optical energy, a light guide to direct light to the surface of skin, and a filter to select the spectral energy delivered. Continue reading
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