Is it Science?

Pathological Science in Laser Medicine

“Most alternative laser medicine is not supported by basic physics, and cannot be reproduced by mainstream researchers.  If it were reproducible it would not be called alternative medicine, and it would not require a belief system for it to work.”


lowlevelasertherapyThe increased interest in Alternative Laser Medicine (ALM), predominately Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), and its applications is mostly a product of pathological science, and partly due to a financial incentive to sell easy solutions for difficult problems.  

ALM is well established in the veterinary field where patients cannot describe their experience, and the level… Continue reading

The Myth of Photon Recycling

nophotrecPhoton recycling is basically an attempt to improve the efficiency of poorly designed devices. The small amount of energy provided by recycled photons can be achieved by simply turning the fluence of the device up just a few per cent. Additionally, photon recycling results in unwanted heat at the surface and almost no increase in the effectiveness at the intended target. This results in added discomfort and no increase in clinical efficacy. A best design practice for lasers and flashlamps is to reduce or eliminate this unwanted recycled light. A better choice is to increase the fluence a small amount,… Continue reading

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